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BlueLime HealthCare PVT Ltd established in 2012. BlueLime Healthcare - Health for All is a vertically integrated company across the entire nutraceuticals value chain from discovery to delivery with traditional identification in research, manufacturing and marketing. In the time to arrive, determined by an extremely competent and motivated team, we will move from power to strength in the solution domains of global generics, and nutraceutical Health & dietary Food Supplement discovery.

Bluelime Healthcare Products

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VITA ME - B-Complex & Lysine Syrup
PROVIT - Protein, Vitamins & Iron Syrup


Multivitamin Capsules GOLD VIT 10*10 Capsules.


Q10 - VITAL Co-Enzyme with L-Arginine, Vitamin & Minerals Capsule


Aceclofenac & Paracetamol Tablets 10 x 10 Tablets.

Multi-Rose Tablets

The Comprehensive Energiser of Neurons

  • Energises neurons & protects the Peripheral nerves
  • Improves the Quality of sleep and increases Concentration
  • Protects brain cells against glutamate toxiciity

SAIFIX Cefixime 100/200 mg Tablets

Bronchitis | Pneumonia | Typhoid | COPD | Sinusitis | Otitis Media | RTI | UTI

Arthofree Glucosamine 750mg + methyl sulfonyl methane 250mg + diacerein 50mg

  • Reduces joint degeneration & inflammation
  • Rebuilds the cartilage
  • Improves circulation & cell vitality
  • Reduces stiffness & swelling
  • Enhances joint flexibility
  • Facilitates switfer movement without pain


Aceclofenac & Paracetamol Tablets 10 x 10 Tablets.

Power to fight against Pain Dental Pain | Low Back Pain | Osteoarthritis | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Pelvic/Gynecological Pain | Inflammatory Condition of Ear | Nose and Throat | Knee and Join Related Pain | Muscle Pain
Ensures Faster onset of action.

Parasai-650 Paracetamol 650mg Tablets

Analgesic of 1st choice:-

  • For Fever with mild to moderate pain
  • More Efficacy
  • Better Patient Compliance

Parasai-650 - The Best Performer

I-Ferlic Ferrous Ascorbate equivalent iron 100mg + Folic Acid 1.5mg

Ferrous Ascorbate
* Elemental Iron 100% | * 3 times more absorption then ferric form of iron offers faster rise in haemoglobin Folic Acid
* Prevents foetal growth retardation | *Prevents the risk of preterm delivery

Q10 - Forte tablets

Coenzyme Q10s wide ranging cellular properties implicate it for the potential treatment of numerous conditions that may improve with mitochondrial & antioxidant support.

  • Male / Female Infertility
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • neurological Disorders
  • Cardiomyopathy

GOLD VIT Capsules To fulfill your patients supplementary needs

Altherosclerosis | Hyperlipidemia | Diabetes | Arthritis | Cancer | Convalescence | Stressed life style and Co-prescription with Statins, OHAs, & AEDs

Reduces damages of Pollution, Disease, drugs and ageing

Rose VIT Tablets Protect the basic units of life from free radicals

  • Vitamin A improves immunity of mother and child
  • Provides B-Complex factors
  • Vitamin C & Zinc improves immunity speeds up rate of recovery
  • Vitamin E improves foetal integrity

MILCIUM Tablets Perfect and powerful calcium for Mother & Child

  • Improves calcium absorption
  • Improves Deposition of Calcium in bones & increases bone density
  • Initiates bone formation
  • Reduces Pain an fractures


Presenting the liquid advantage

  • Poor diet and illness
  • Fatigue, tiredness exhaustion
  • Decreased mental capacity
  • Reduced Alertness, Concentration and memory
"Energy....Enhancing....B-Complex...Plus More.."


  • Fulfils the body's need of proteins
  • Increases appetite, improves digestion and helps in weight gain
  • Boosts immunity prepares body to fight against various diseases
  • Help in various physiological functions of the body
Growth Children | General Debility | convalescence | Loss of Appetite | Weight Loss


L-Arginine 250mg Advantage

  • Improves Ovarian response & Oocyte maturation
  • Promotes Sperm-oocyte binding | Healthy endometrial lining & cervical secretion
  • Supports Ovulation, Fertilization, Implantation & Pregnancy


  • Brest Milk is one of the most essential ingredients for an infant
  • Supplementation with Pyrioxine, Folic acid, Vitamin B12
  • Complete Nutritional need for Lactating Mother


Revitalizing the young ones to keep healthy

  • Supplemented with all essential vitamins
  • Replaces Nutritional Deficiency
  • Convenient way of administration for infants
TENVIT the Revitaliser

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Contract Manufacturing

Faster, Better, More Efficient with Lower Costs

Bluelime Healthcare undertakes contract manufacturing in the following categories and offers a mutually beneficial working relationship and a strong strategic alliance.

We are able to offer you competitive rates and quality comparable to the best for pharma contract manufacturing in India.

Generic Formulations

State-of-the art facilities, which adhere to stringent specifications


Special Formulations

We developing and manufacturing special formulation in the category of tablets, capsules, liquid orals, and sachets


Business Opportunities And Strategic Alliance

Our services include purchasing of raw materials, production, packaging, quality control and based on your needs.